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The BEAKOR bike system outfits your ride with a little of everything

Urban areas in the United States are experiencing an uptick in the amount of cyclists roaming the streets. While this is great for individual fitness and the environment, more bikes on the road means more accidents. This makes products like BEAKOR even more valuable.

Put simply, BEAKOR is the swiss army knife of cycling devices, combining a staggering array of functionality into one system. It consists of front and back equipment that interface with a companion iOS/Android smartphone application. Together, the system combines strong front and back illumination and turn signaling with features like live front and rear HD video recording and streaming, automated accident alert messages with GPS coordinates in the case of an accident, and metrics tracking. There’s even an antitheft feature triggered when the bike is tampered with, making not only cyclist safer, but the bike BEAKOR is attached to as well. $249 gets backers the full BEAKOR system by February 2017. The BEAKOR fix Indiegogo campaign is looking for $20,000 by October 2nd, 2016.

The BEAKOR system is most readily compared to something like SpeedForce, another all-in-one cycling device that ends up being bigger and lacking features like video recording and emergency alert in contrast. This makes the BEAKOR a logical step forward: a smaller, lighter, more fully featured cycling device for anyone.

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