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The Brise connected air purifier produces refreshing, clean breezes in the abode

Current apartments and homes are being built in a manner that makes them more sealed in an effort to reduce energy consumption. This has the unfortunate side effect of amplifying already harmful, polluted air, leading to recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) to conclude that indoor pollution is 5x worse than outdoor pollution.

This is why products like Brise are important right now. The combination of a capable air purifier and artificial intelligence makes it a worthy addition to any smart home. The Brise works with its companion smartphone app to analyzing user routines and preferences along with room types and sizes to adjust filtration performance accordingly. This means that Brise will work differently in a kitchen than in a painter’s studio, for instance.

No matter where it may find itself, though, the Brise uses a six-layer air cleaning system with photocatalyst technology t0 effectively rid the air of everything from smoke, dust and allergens to bacteria and molds — all the while delivering 65 liters of ionic air a second. The cherry on top is the Brise’s ability to collaborate with other units for a set of daisy-chained devices that work together to achieve optimum results in any space. Each Brise is going for $469 and is expected to ship in April 2017 should its Kickstarter campaign raise about $31,200 by January 3rd, 2017.

The Brise is everything the uHoo2 wants to be: An impressive air quality sensor and a powerful air filtration system rolled into one. The Brise is bigger — and therefore less portable — than alternatives like the Sprimo, but with that size comes the type of performance one needs to truly clean the air around them. Its daisy chaining capability is useful, too, but only for those with deep pockets. To keep the good air flowing even outside the home, check out the Breathe portable air purifier.

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