The cardboard DRUMKIT lets you carry the beat on your back

editors-choiceIt’s a universally agreed upon fact: Drums are awesome. What’s not is how cumbersome, expensive, and loud they are, not to mention hard to assemble and almost impossible to carry around. This doesn’t stop professional drummers from engaging in their craft but can serve as a huge barrier to entry for fresher drumming devotees.

OBILAB music’s DRUMKIT solves these five problems with a painstakingly researched, designed, and produced cardboard drum kit. It comes packaged in a five-pound box that can be worn as a backpack for easy transportation so that intrepid drummers can do their thing wherever they may be. When set-up, the DRUMKIT features fiberglass panels on each of the major drums not only for increased rigidity but also to help newbies drum correctly. An Electronic Module, comprised of six pads that attach to the DRUMKIT and allow for silent drumming, headphone use, and MIDI connectivity, will be released in 2017 to those who pre-order it during its $55,600 Kickstarter campaign, ending July 24th, 2016. A DRUMKIT without an Electronic Module goes for $130 and one with it goes for $199. Both are slated to ship in October 2016 should the Kickstarter be successful.

Reengineering drums is a favorite past time for those on crowdfunding platforms, and for good reason. All of the problems addressed by the DRUMKIT are problems long identified as annoyances with traditional drum kits. The DRUMKIT addresses all of them in a clever way that makes backing the team over at OBILABS music worth it. For something completely digital, check out the Jambé.

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