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The Deuce of Spades lets you dig in, ditch the heavy trowel

The Deuce of Spades   0cb3e4ed7a667f62c1f681579bd002ad_large[1]Aaah yes! The beauty and peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Nothing like a good hike on a gorgeous, sunny day. And for those times when you find you need to go off the beaten path to take care of a bit of business, The Deuce of Spades lets you pair up with any tree in the forest. The 0.6 ounce aluminum  latrine digger is much lighter than other trowels, and is touted as able to break most types of soil with ease. But it doesn’t have sharp edges, so hard ground may render it ineffective. For $14, backers can choose from shiny red, yellow, green or blue- and an expected delivery of May 2014.

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