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The flick of a switch turns on all the lights with LampLink

To create the perfect ambiance in any room, the right amount of lighting is necessary. Most of the time, though, a room’s outlet placement can limit the kinds of lighting arrangements possible, forcing people to place a lamp somewhere they don’t want it to be.

LampLink is a transmitter/receiver system that allows a user to control all the lights in a room at once without the use of a smartphone. The transmitter is plugged in to a wall switch connected outlet, while the transmitters are plugged into lamps. When the wall switch is flicked on, all other lamps connected are turned on as well.

The system is truly plug-and-play as they discover themselves using a proprietary wireless network instead of being reliant on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A starter kit consisting of a one transmitter and one receiver is priced at $79 with an expected ship date of March 2016. The LampLink campaign is looking to raise $50,000 by July 20, 2015.

The campaign justifies the use of LampLink by saying that no rewiring is necessary, but that isn’t the case for those without a wall switch-controlled outlet. Other than that, its non-reliance of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and smartphones are admirable qualities. Homeowners looking for an extremely simple connected lighting solution should take  a shine to it.

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