Camping Furniture

The Lounger fits seating for a small party in a roller bag

A entire six seater sofa in a bag: that’s what the folks behind The Lounger are peddling. It may sound too good to be true, but there is indeed a Kickstarter campaign with a video that shows this real, working product. Although they’re marketing the Lounger to the camping crowd, its modern, contemporary design can pretty much fit anywhere a sofa would come in handy — and when wouldn’t a sofa come in handy?

The product is weatherproof for those who want to live luxuriously in the wild outdoors and easy to set up, requiring no tools to do so. Nothing in the campaign addresses how the cushions are actually expected to fit in bag without having to inflate them first. If that’s the case, it would be a bit disengenious to claim that the product is fully portable without mentioning the air pump you’ll have to lug around as well. The creator is looking for a hefty €79,999 to mass produce The Lounger; interested backers can get their very own for €319, almost half the retail price.