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The Lumen electronic handpan lets percussionists jam affordably

It’s not unusual to see handpans, a relatively newer form of percussion instrument, sell from the $2,000 range to over $10,000. Their rarity and handmade nature contributes to this price tag, with the result being a beautiful sound unlike any other. Unfortunately, that price tag prevents many from enjoying its unique nature.

In order to make the experience of playing a handpan more accessible, Guy Jackson created the Lumen, an electro-acoustic percussion instrument in the form of a traditional handpan. It combines the same basic form of a handpan with velocity sensitivity, a high-quality built-in speaker, the ability to store a wide variety of sound samples, and the ability to change scales and keys while playing.

All this together offers a diverse musical experience at a more cost effective price of $699. The Lumen is slated to ship in February 2017 should its Indiegogo campaign raise $70,000 by May 13th, 2016.

The previously covered Oval is everything the Lumen is and much more, with the ability to upload custom sounds and a companion app, for example, that opens up the handpan playing experience — and does so at a more affordable price.

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