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The Messenger is the gift that keeps on regifting

Deciding on a gift is always a difficult decision no matter how close two people may be, but once the gift is decided on, bought, and subsequently given, the process is done and over.

With its Messenger, Nomadic Gifts is looking to extend the life of the process for years to come.  Inspired by the intrepid carrier pigeons of yesteryear, the Messenger is a small porcelain bird with a hole in its middle that can hold a rolled up, hand-written message. It comes encased in a lustrous bamboo box that doubles as a stand on which to place the messenger, but Nomadic Gifts doesn’t want it to be left and forgotten like other gifts. To do so, the company encourages recipients to hold onto the Messenger until another occasion for a gift comes up, at which point every recipient becomes a gifter again.

Each Messenger has a unique ID that can be registered online to enable every person in the chain to track where it is in the world and communicate with others that have had it. A smartphone app is also available allowing constant connection with that community, but its price is TBD, with the benefit of each download donating $1 to encourage its movement. A Messenger costs $99, with an expected ship date of October 2015. The campaign is looking to raise $14,000 by June 10th, 2015.

The Messenger is an extremely novel idea that is a prime example of how even a little technology can a lot of depth and significance for those wanting to feel part of the global community, but the idea isn’t a new one. Those interested in adding more sentientality to their gifts can also take a look at Tagtalk, too.

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