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The Mighty music player lets you enjoy Spotify without a smartphone

editors-choiceThe days of small, lightweight MP3 players — a la the iPod Shuffle — are gone. For active types everywhere, their demise was a huge loss only compounded by the rise of streaming music and the increasingly larger smartphones needed for it.

Mighty Audio’s Mighty streaming music player is the only device on the market that can locally play Spotify playlists without an Internet connection by downloading music before you go. The 1.5 square inch Mighty player connects with iOS or Android devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transfer up to 4GB of Spotify Premium tunes for up to five hours of playback.

Drop and sweat resistance increases its appeal to those looking for the perfect solution for their active music needs. Each Mighty music player is going for $79 and is expected to ship in November 2016. Mighty Audio is looking to raise $250,000 by March 24th, 2016.

Mighty is reminiscent of the device Slacker sold prior to becoming a service that worked with smartphones and the Web. (The device still works with the service today.) While other devices may do something similar, they usually end up serving as conduits for a connected smartphone anyway — defeating the purpose of it all. The Aivvy Q headphones are similar in that they also address the gulf between streaming music and everyday practicality, but they’re nowhere near as portable or comfortable for working out as the Mighty music player is. Looks like Mighty Audio has something on their hands here.

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