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The NiftyX Lifesaving Bracelet’s puny power bank is more jewelry than joules

The specter of a near-death smartphone battery is the type of first-world problem that needs an immediate solution lest the existential dread of being cut off from notification set in. Power banks can be a key aid in this regard, helping many smartphones avoid an untimely (if temporary) fate. However, they can sometimes be clunky and those cables can get pretty messy. In other words, shouldn’t there be more wearable power banks?

The team behind the NiftyX Lifesaving Leather Charging Cable Bracelet sure think so. The wrist-worn portable charger and cable boasts a hand-braided, genuine leather construction set off by a stainless steel buckle for maximum fashion appeal. But while it may look great, the NiftyX Lifesaving Bracelet’s 210m  Ah battery won’t be saving much. While it will certainly come through in a pinch, a more powerful solution is still needed if, say, one forgets to charge a phone overnight and needs to get through the day.

An alternative, the NiftyX Awesome Bracelet, does away with the power bank and solely retains the charge and sync cable for faster charging when needed. The NiftyX Awesome Bracelet costs $18 while the Lifesaving version is $30, both of which are expected to ship in May 2016. The Indiegogo campaign is looking for $5,000 in funding by March 25th, 2o16.

The two bracelets certainly look cool and sport incredibly accessible price points for what they do, but the NiftyX Lifesaving Bracelet’s 210 mAh won’t put much of a charge in today’s huge smartphone batteries that can often accommodate 3,000 or more mAh. Those looking for portable power would be better off shaking up a VAGA HandEnergy charger: it may not be wearable but at least one can get more power out of it.

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