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The portable Securmate is a security system for wherever you need it

For those with enough determination, the mechanical locks that are supposed to protect most people usually fail to when it really counts. This is not many households have any kind of home security. One of other biggest reasons why is because traditionally, home security companies target those in permanent living situations.

The Securmate portable home security system changes that trend. The portable security system is comprised of a palm-sized sensor with a motion detector within and a controller. First, the controller — a small Android device running the Securmate app — is plugged into a wall outlet or USB port. Second, the wireless sensor is attached to a door or window with the provided double-sided tape. Finally, the user arms the system using the controllers, creating a Wi-Fi intranet that covers and protects most small- to medium-sized spaces.

If the sensor is tripped, an alert is sent to the main user while notifications are sent to a list of pre-determined friends and family. Like this, smaller spaces like closets and drawers can be protected alongside apartments, offices, RVs, and even hotel rooms. Backers can grab their very own Securmate for $129, due to be shipped in April 2017. The Securmate Kickstarter is looking for $30,000 by August 8th, 2016.

Securmate boasts a one-year battery life, ease of use, immunity to network outages, and no subscriptions fees, making the tiny device more versatile than the less-than-portable competition. By focusing on making it as portable as possible, the Securmate emerges as a viable — albeit limited — portable security system.


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