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Koto trio of sensor cubes monitor your home’s environent

One of the keys to a healthier lifestyle is as basic as the air we breathe, but that can easily be forgotten because of hard it can be to know exactly what to do to make it better even in our own homes.

To help, the Koto family of smart sensors has been designed to make sure you have all the information needed to make the proper health decisions. The system actually consists of three products. The Koto Blink is a tiny box filled with sensors measuring temperature, humidity, light, and noise, all in an effort to make your living space more comfortable.

The Koto Air is an upgraded Blink, combining its sensors with an air pollution and dust sensor to create a fuller picture of the home and a more robust set of data with which to make the subtle adjustments to the home necessary to stave off mold in older homes, for example.

Acting as a base, the fiercely named Koto Storm lacks the air quality sensors the Air does but boasts a barometer, a sensor that detects lightning strikes to keep the home safe during the storm season, and Wi-Fi to keep it all synced up to an iOS, Android, or web app that users can access. The Blink is $89, the Air is $139, and the Storm is $179, and all are due to ship in March 2016. The campaign is looking for $60,000 by October 28th, 2015.

Having access to this kind of information is beneficial for those living in ultra-modern or older buildings because of the unique effects their construction has on the air and temperature inside. While there are no guarantees that the Air will cut down on sick days, its suggestion system will offer small pieces of advice users can take to improve air quality which will surely help. In addition, its ability to work with IFTTT and wearables like the Jawbone give it some much needed versatility. Outfitting the entire home can add up, though,  when compared to comparable products like the Sentri.

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