Winter Sports

The SNOGO Bike lets you easily shred packets of snow

Skiing and snowboarding have steep learning curves, which explains why ski bikes are slowly gaining popularity throughout the world. Mixing the ease of a mountain bike with the grace of skis, there is a huge opportunity for this nascent winter sport segment to become something truly big.

First, though, it will need to evolve. Enter the the inventors of the SNOGO Bike, Obed Marrder and Chase Wagstaff. They claim to have done just that by upgrading the run-of-the-mill ski bike with a sturdy alloy build, interchangeable parts facilitated by a quick release system, and a patent-pending R.L.T.A.G. system that better helps riders stay stabilized at all times.

In addition, thoughtful design considerations like high-traction stomp pads for the feet are water and freeze resistant along with a chairlift hook that counterbalances to lessen the chances of it falling off. All together, the SNOGO Bike is an easier step to shredding snow-capped mountains everywhere. A SNOGO Bike is $1,399 and is due to be shipped in January 2016. The inventors and their time is looking for $32,000 in backing before December 11th, 2015.

Previous campaigns pushing alternative methods of winter sporting like Zibock and AXSAXS Snoogee Board were also combinations of already established methods, but the SNOGO Bike seems to have the most mass market potential. Its ease of use and the inventors’ focus on safety make it attractive for kids and adults alike.

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