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The Sound Reactive Fire Pit dances the night away with you

The idea of a Ruben’s tube dates back to 1905, the year German physicist Heinrich Rubens invented. Flash forward 116 years, and the idea is experiencing a radical overhaul in the Sound-Reactive Fire Pit currently funding on Kickstarter.

Instead of being just an antique tool and cool conversation piece, Music Fire City Company’s invention is the first fire pit of its kind to add music to the mix. The result is a fire pit that reacts in real time to music played through its integrated, Bluetooth-connected 2.1 channel speaker system — and a fascinating addition to any home. Of course, it can engage other modes that are less intensive: a fire-and-music mode for a more relaxed environment, a music-only mode, and a fire-only mode. In addition, multiple Sound Reactive Fire Pits can be synced up for a grander experience. With a product like this, ensuring safety is paramount, which is why a slew of security features are built-in: auto-ignition, flame-out detection, safety valves, auto shut-off, and two-step ignition. All this makes music and fire a less dangerous combination. DIY units of the Sound Reactive Fire Pit start at $249 while complete units start at $399 and can go up to $6,999 for more bespoke models. Music City Fire Company is looking for $80,000 by October 30th, 2016 to see success.

The Sound Reactive Fire Pit is a truly novel product. Its use of multi-sync functionality makes it pretty versatile and its array of safety features allay concerns of starting a fire. In addition, units that are DIY to the more eclectic (and expensive) models offer a wide range of product at price points for everyone.

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