The Sunda tent offers four ways to soak in the wild

For Kammok, a team of eight based in Austin , Texas, its mission is two-fold. First, it believes people should experience the big wide world as much as possible. Secondly, it believes in creating the most versatile camping equipment to better introduce the wilds to outdoor newbies and facilitate better exploration for enthusiasts. A company born out of Kickstarter, it has successfully brought to life three of its creations all focused on this mission. Now, the Sunda two person tent/all-in-one hammock is a culmination of all this experience.

The Sunda is a distinctive product in the camping world. While most tents prioritize cutting weight at the cost of durability, Kammok went the opposite route and made sure to design the Sunda to be as versatile as possible with four separate configurations. In tent mode, two or more people can sleep comfortably because of the Sunda’s 8’4″ long x 4’2″ wide construction that boasts 35 square feet of space within. Large crawl through doors, four corner pockets and nine gear loops for lights add plenty of options for everyone inside.

While its hammock mode only holds one person (two with the optional Kammock Roo and Python straps), the built in Mini Kanga Claw carabiners and Dyneema cord serve as powerful anchor points. Its lounge/jungle hammock mode adds another layer of protection, creating a sort of floating tent to get away from the hard ground. Finally, its ultralight shelter configuration is perfect for those times where insect protection isn’t necessary or even away from the wild, with the potential to be poolside shade or VIP festival hangout.

Ruggedness is also key to the Sunda’s design. Where it’s a two person plus tent, an all-in-one hammock shelter, a lounge/jungle hammock or an ultralight shelter, its was overengineered with with innovative materials for maximum comfort. For one, its Nannoet ultralight mesh material simulatenously blocks out all kinds of insects while still offering clear views of the surrounding area.

Inside, its Lumos reflective fabric protects from the sun’s infrared light and heat while also letting users amplify a single source of light. In addition, every one of its materials is waterproof and was made to resist scratches and tears. As a bonus, it rolls up into its own bag for portability. A Sunda goes for $299, $100 off its eventual retail price, and is slated to ship June 2017. Kammock is looking for $75,000 by November 11, 2016 to see success.

The Sunda goes a lot farther than products like the Cinch tent to provide the very best camping experience. Its intelligent design and the many thoughtful details across its four modes make this one of the better camping choices available.

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