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The U-Gym Mini offers less stress at your desk

There’s nothing worse than the aches and pains generated the stresses of the workday slowing someone down. One of the best tools for relaxing the body and relieving this stress is massage. Most of the time, though, they aren’t readily available.

The U-GYM Mini is a great alternative to a traditional massage. It works by generating medium-frequency vibrations to simulate a deep-tissue massage for shoulder and lower-back pain relief in as little as 15 minutes.

It’s portable, so it can be taken to places like school or work; use its companion app to get massage recommendations, customize massages and share massage profiles with others for up to six hours. Each U-GYM Mini goes for $89 and is expected to ship in April 2017. Its Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $100,000 by November 2017.

The U-GYM Mini is a very handy tool to combat the many side effects of being stuck at a desk all day. Its light weight and sleek design makes it highly portable and inconspicuous, perfect for the office or classroom. The one thing with products designed to offer some sort of massage is that they’re usually one-dimensional: The U-GYM Mini only helps the lower back and shoulders, while the ADAFlow massages the upper and lower leg and the AURAI concentrates on relieving stress in the eyes. While each of these products are equally good, one would need to make sure to buy the one that fits their particular problem areas.

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