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The YOUMO modular power strip makes supplying power electrifying

While smartphones and laptops continue to slim down and offer more powerful specs, the humble strip keeps on chugging along in all its practical, drab glory, doling out power and taking names. Most of the time, though, it doesn’t offer much in the way of functionality.

The YOUMO is a smart modular power strip offering users a wide range of plug-and-go modules for a custom power solution for any situation.  Good Gadgets, the three-man team behind the Kickstarter campaign, has designed YOUMO modules to be lightweight for travel and aesthetically pleasing, a far cry from most dollar store varieties. It all starts with a base cord in three different lengths and seven different colors. From there, six modules can connect in any combination to each other.

The basics include the Solo Module with one socket and one USB port, the Triple Module with three European sockets, and the Fiver with five US sockets. Standouts include a Wireless Charging Module for newer smartphones and a Smart Module with which YOUMO’s iOS and Android app can schedule and remotely control plugged-in devices. Should Good Gadgets reach its $54,000 goal by April 3rd, 2016, a later date will see it unveil an online shop with even more modules. A base package of one base cord and any two modules is going for about $42 and is slated to ship in February 2017.

Who knew power strips could be so exciting? YOUMO is the power strip for the modern era, designed to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the many devices that dot daily life. It iterates on the ideas set by the previously covered TwistVolt along with Quirky’s memorable Power Pivot by including more options and mobility to the overall package. YOUMO’s biggest downfall is the lack built-in surge protection. A Surge Protection Module is in the works to rectify the issue but it really does seem to be a slip-up on Good Gadget’s part. Still, as long as users are careful, YOUMO is a practical, engaging power solution.


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