Thinset drill bit scrapes off mortar from below floor tiles

Replacing tile flooring can be one of the most difficult home improvement projects to accomplish. And dealing with the thinset that gets left behind is typically the hardest part. The creator of Thinset Removal Bit seems to have created a tool that can help. The drill bit is a two inch wide pneumatic chisel bit made of impact-resistant alloy, hardened for longevity and sharpened so that even the most difficult to remove thinset will be easily cleared away. It’s unclear if this particular drill bit is compatible with any commercial air hammer, but there are air hammer kits out there that offer a variety of chisel sizes, such as the ADT Long Barrel Air Hammer, Ingersoll Rand Short Barrel Air Hammer, and Wilmar Heavy Duty Air Hammer, all of which come with multiple chisels. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000 by November 14, 2014. For $50, backers get one Thinset removal bit with an expected delivery of November 2014.