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To stay secure, slip a Strip into windows and doors

When homeowners wants to be sure any way in or out of their home is secure, they can either manually check each door or window or go the more digital route by installing a home security system like Presence. Most security systems, though, are reactive rather than proactive, helpful only after something bad has already happened.

Sensative’s Strips aim to provide peace of mind by not only notifying a homeowner of suspicious activity, but helping prevent unfortunate situations from happening in the first place. It does this through Z-Wave compatibility, letting Strips do things like send smartphone alerts about each door or window upon exit. More information means homeowners can take action to ensure the safety of their home.  The Strips’ adhesive backing makes installation easy and its 3 mm thickness hides it from view between window crevices and doorways, making the product extremely inconspicuous when compared to traditional door and window sensors. A single set of Strips goes for $55, three are $145, and 10 are $440, with all due to ship in November 2015. The $25,000 campaign is looking meet its goal by July 22nd, 2015.

What sets Strips apart from other, more fully featured home systems is its super thin design and 10-year battery life, requiring little to maintenance on the part of the owner. However, a more fully featured system is something most home owners want and Strips simply doesn’t do enough, especially considering how many someone will need to take full advantage. Although leaps and bounds better than the half-baked FLASHNUB, something like Point might prove more useful in the long run.

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