Tool2Find uses GPS to locate children, pets; more reliable than Bluetooth

The universal fear of not being able to find a child or pet has created a huge market for tracking devices like the new Tool2Find from the Netherlands.

Unlike many rival products, the small Tool2Find doesn’t depend on a Bluetooth connection, but rather much more accurate GPS technology. The device, which can be clipped onto one’s belt or other object, works in conjunction with an App2Find app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Backers who pay €165 (~$198) will get an App2Find with accessories including a clip and UBS charger and update cable. That’s 34% cheaper than the device’s regular price. Its maker is looking to raise €30,000 (~$36,000) on Indiegogo.

GPS is clearly a superior technology solution for such devices than Bluetooth. But the market is just too crowded with similar devices to project any great success for Tool2Find. It doesn’t help that the device is also relatively expensive. The similar Iota, for example, costs somewhat less.

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Dear Jeff,
Great to see that you wrote a article about our product. You managed to write a nice summary! Only one thing I wanted to say about it. The reason we are a bit more expensive than the Lota is because of the fact that we include a full year of GPRS data usage worldwide. So no Base stations needed like with the Lota. With Tool2Find it is possible to use it anywhere on the world (where GPRS is supported).

Again, thank you for writing about our product. We will share it with our followers on our social media channels.

With kind regards,

Danièl Brito

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