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TOUCHBAG offers play-through water protection

Water is the natural enemy of the smartphone. Underwater phones do exist, but leave something to be desired. TOUCHBAG protects your phone in water, but still allows you to use the touchscreen. This product resembles a Ziploc bag. The air in the bag is what makes the touchscreen usable. As the campaign says, this is great to use in the shower, pool, or while snorkeling.

If we need to use our phones in the shower, it’s clear that we’re doomed as a society. Perhaps the only reason one would need a phone in the shower is for an emergency call, but it looks like the phone doesn’t work for calls in the TOUCHBAG, only the touchscreen works. Also, the video doesn’t do a good job of convincing us that alternative options are lacking. Still for the almost inapporpriately named product, backers can shell out a $30 CAD (~$27 USD) donation for estimated delivery in March 2015, if the creator can raise $12,000 CAD (~$10,600 USD).