Triflex gives cameras spindly, grippy legs

The Premise. Photography is all about getting the shot, but what about when that shot puts your camera in perilous danger? And what if you wanted to take your camera somewhere a tripod wouldn’t balance? There are many tripods on the market, but few offer versatility to grip onto a wide range of surfaces.

The Product. The Triflex is a triple-legged device that attaches to your camera. The legs are easily manipulated and can grip onto a variety of shaped objects. The flexibility of the Triflex allows for precise adjustment of camera angles, and the developer touts the exceptional ability of the legs to hold onto whatever you choose to wrap them around.

The Pitch. This campaign’s home video isn’t anything spectacular, but it does have a wholesome vibe to it. The designer of the product does the voiceover and the videography, which means he obviously trusts his own product. The “maybe-try-this-at-home” moment comes when he even attaches the camera to his in-laws’ moving ceiling fan to show how well it can resist centrifugal force.

The Perks. Triflex is a product that allows a photography to really take control of the shot and not have to fear they’re going to lose their camera. The Triflex, due to ship in March of 2015, goes for $25. There’s a $10 fee for a Go Pro adapter although that’s pretty standard.

The Potential. Even with the slowdown in the digital camera market, accessories like the Triflex have appeal because they can also be used with smartphones that people definitely want to protect. The main competition is from the Joby Gorillapod and similar products that can support beefier cameras, but the Triflex’s longer appendages should give it the leg up in many instances.

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