uGALE keeps cooped up feet from offending coworkers

It can make for a really long work day when the guy or girl in the cubicle next to you decides to relax and take off his or her shoes, unleashing smelly feet upon the entire staff.

uGALE provides a nice solution to this odorous problem. uGALE is a unique insole designed to keep feet cool, dry and odor free. The product also claims to offer relief for foot problems such as athlete’s foot, mycosis, dermatophytosis or intertrigo. The uGALE insole includes a micro-compressor that sends air through built-in ductwork and keeps feet cool in the process. This prevents the sweating and bacterial growth that causes foot odors, an especially common problem when feet are cooped up in shoes all day long. Notably, the foot cooling mechanism in the insole is connected to a Bluetooth controlled app that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

uGALE seems like a great way to keep feet cool, comfortable, and healthy.  Shoe-loving backers might also like to check out ZEM shoes, and Bast Shoes. This campaign seeks to raise €18,000 (~$20,000 USD) by April 16, 2015. Early bird backers can get one product for €260 (~295 USD) with an expected delivery of June 2015.

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