Upper Wheel Fairings streamline your bike

The Premise. Cycling is a fun sport and a great way to get around for millions. It doesn’t feel so fun when battling against headwinds, however, which can slow you down and make it hard to get anywhere.

The Product. Upper Wheel Fairings by Null Winds Technology is a bicycle accessory designed to make headwinds easier to bear. This product fits onto the tops of the wheels of a road bike. It is designed to make the bike faster and more aerodynamic. The Fairings are made out of white or black aluminum and have the creator’s logo embossed on it

The Pitch. The campaign video consists of a long explanation of how wind works and in which ways the product battles wind resistance. The poor sound quality and monotone voice of the creator make it a little hard to watch, unfortunately. Details about production, testimonials of Upper Wheel Fairings users, how to mount the product, and more physics lessons permeate the rest of the campaign. Null Winds hopes to raise a high $120,000 in its 60-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Different reward tiers offer either a front wheel only package or a full set of the product in either white or black, black being more expensive. For a full set of white Upper Wheel Fairings, early backers need to donate $229 , $249, or $259 with a regular price of $269. For black, early tiers go for $269 or $279 with a regular price of $289. The regular prices are set to rise once lower tiers are filled up. Estimated delivery dates bounce all over the place seemingly randomly ranging from June to October 2014.

The Potential. Bicycle enthusiasts love anything they can get their hands on that will make them go faster. Those with road bikes especially crave speed. The Upper Wheel Fairings state in the campaign that the product, unfortunately, cannot be used in any type of race settings, but is perfect for recreational or commuting riders. Other products aimed at battling headwinds really focus on the helmet and attire of the rider along with special wheels. There doesn’t seem to be anything else out there quite like the Upper Wheel Fairings product. Null Winds Technology, however, will need to clean up their campaign in order to have success in raising funds for this product.

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