V1bes alerts you to stress so you can be at your best

Excessive stress can impact a person’s health and even bring on sickness and depression. Keeping stress under control is one of the best ways to maintain optimum health. V1bes was created to help people to become more conscious of their stress levels so that they can take appropriate steps to alleviate their anxiety.

The biosensor is worn on the index finger and measures stress-influencing factors such as brainwaves, heart rate, and electromagnetic pollution. That information then gets translated to useful advice and training programs. The product is a smart device that learns about the user through consistent use and works in conjunction with their smartphone and personal cloud. Various apps include the thrill of competition through the biceps app, vibe “compatibility” between a couple, or explore how music changes one’s mood.

Not sure that having one’s personal health info stored in a cloud is the best idea, but V1bes is certainly an interesting product. A few other biosensor items of interest include Moodmetric, and Ear-O-Smart. This product seeks to raise $500 by February 11, 2015. For $199, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of September 2015.

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