Verrado Electric Drift Trike brings grownups three-wheeled fun

Verrado Electric Drift TrikeEver heard of drift triking? This newer sport involves riding around on an adult-sized trike while coasting down hills. The Verrado Electric Drift Trike makes this sport possible on flat ground with added power. n adult incarnation of the classic Big Wheel toy, the trike comes equipped with a hub motor and battery pack for extra long life and speed. Verrado joins the Kickstarter market with the Horizon, another adult electric trike as well as the two stand-up trikes, the HalfBike and Me-Mover. One of these super-powered trikes goes for an early price of $1,400 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. Verrado hopes to raise $20,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

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