Waterproof Helioslight conveniently hangs around with your car keys

There’s nothing like the convenience of having a key ring light that actually gives off enough light to be effective when it’s needed. And if it’s shockproof and water resistant, so much the better! Helioslight offers that plus a light has the brightness of between 700 – 1,100 lumen, depending on whether one chooses the Sun, Quasar or Pulsar model. This means its compact size still allows it to offer plenty of light.  It lasts up to eight hours, again, depending on the model. Its unique shape allows for lighting that is simultaneously useful for distance as well as at one’s feet. The Sun and Quasar are made of aluminum, while the Pulsar is made of Titanium. The neodymium magnet at the base of each light allows it to be attached to any metal surface.

This particular light will be a strong competitor with the MagLite, but Helioslight’s convenience of attaching to a key ring may give it an edge. This campaign seeks to raise $8,000. Early bird backers get one Helioslight for $84 with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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