Wave Hooks holds the champagne near your bubble bath, dahling

Wave Hooks  897c522cd2347423cda232c540e4f987_large[1]If it seems you’ve run out of horizontal space for all your important items, Wave Hooks lets you take advantage of vertical space. The following items are being presented as bath related: shower beer holder, bath wine glass holder, and small cubby shelf unit with hook…just in case you would like some cheese and crackers for the wine, pretzels for the beer, and a hook on which you can maybe hang a bunch of grapes. The holders are made of plastic with suction cups on the back that stick to your bath tile. Wave Hooks is working on creating other important items of “organization” for your home, and for $10, a backer gets the Kitchen Utensils Hook with an expected delivery of May 2014. Wine and beer holders and cubby available for additional backing.

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