Wheelie Bin Cap keeps your trash bin lids from blowin’ in the wind

High wind days can mean that the trash in the bin ends up scattered all over and creates a big mess to clean up. Then there are those hungry night critters seeking a post midnight snack. Since keeping the lid on the bin can be a challenge, Wheelie Bin has a potential solution. The bin cap is designed with the intention of locking the lid in place so that it stays put during high wind storms and nighttime critter visits, and is also fire retardant. Companies can have the lid personalized if they really want their name on a trash bin cap.

There isn’t presently a great deal of detail available on how the cap attaches or detaches, so it would be nice if the campaign went a bit more into depth about this. Such information would give backers more to consider when deciding whether or not to back the Wheelie Bin. This campaign seeks to raise €10,000 (~$12,500 USD) by November 26, 2014. For €100 (~$124 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015.