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Whether indoors or out, the Globio security system has your back

Despite the smart home segment’s myriad of options — and the many standards that come from them — companies still continue to churn out proprietary smart home hubs that don’t play nice with other connected devices. This ultimately adds to the issue of fragmentation, something the team behind the Globio wants to address.

Put simply, the Globio is an all-purpose, modular security system. Its main difference is making a smart home hub out of a user’s smartphone. With it, Globio uses the camera as a motion detector, its microphone as a noise detector, along with most smartphone’s proximity and light sensors. Presented by itself, Globio would be limited, so a set of pill-shaped modules expand the system’s functionality. Some, like the #Pia, is a motion sensor to be installed on doors and windows, while other, like #Shane, monitor temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Others still can be taken outdoors, like #Toni, which functions as theft protection for bicycles. Any time any of these modules are triggered, an alert is sent to a user’s smartphone in the form of an email, SMS, push notification, or video call to keep the in the loop.  $135 gets interested backers five Globios of their choice, while those lacking a smart device can grab a package containing an Android tablet and two Globios for $159. The Globio campaign is hoping to raise $35,000 by June 15th, 2016.

The idea of Globio is an attractive but not exactly one that’s particularly novel as the idea of using a smart device as a smart home hub can be seen in a wide range of home security systems. The Kasia presents a similar vision for connected home security, but Globio takes some of the security outdoors, an interesting addition.


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