Whirling Dervish offers a different spin on the wind turbine

Those who use alternative energy swear by it, and those who don’t wish they did. Out of the many alternatives available, wind is at a point where it should be more utilized but it isn’t due to technical constraints. The creator behind the Whirling Dervish claims to have addressed the majority of the issues with traditional wind turbines by making designing a blade that decreases the minimum amount of wind required to spin, thereby making it more efficient. Along with claiming that the product can meet 55% of a home’s energy needs, he also made this Turkish product silent to boot.

The Whirling Dervish is notable because it doesn’t only power devices, much like the Trinity or the Drill Turbine do, but rather attempts to address the problems in the space, giving it much potential should the creator achieve his $50,000 goal. If potential backers are OK with receiving a prototype, they can pledge $150 or more to receive their very own by February 2015.