Wireless charging is in the air with the TCharger

Every day, our powerful smartphones and tablets are held back by their constant thirst for a charge. On days with heavy use, that can mean scrambling from outlet to outlet in search of fueling a few more hours. The idea of wireless charging has long held promise, but fractured standards and virtually nonexistent range has held back adoption

Scicorn Technology LTD’s TCharger hopes to turn the tide of wirelessly charging smart devices at a range of up to 30ft—at least, devices in the home or car. To do this, the TCharger combines the use of two plug-in transmitters that give off alternating currents. When these two currents meet at the point where the TCharger receiver is, electricity is generated, charging the smartphone or tablet it’s connected to. For larger homes, extra transmitters can be used to extend range.

The company claims the rate of charge is equivalent to a wired connection, so there should be no loss of charging time in using a single TCharger, priced at $48. A pack including a home set, a car set and an extra receiver goes for $99. Any reward tier is scheduled for a June 2016 shipment should the company’s $30,000 flexible Indiegogo goal be met by December 25th, 2015.

Most other wireless charging solutions, like the Ampere charging sleeve and Ark pad use the Qi inductive power standard but do nothing to address the fact that there’s still an external piece of technology that needs to be used. The TCharger to eliminates that problem but ultimately runs into the same issue in needing a tiny transmitter to be connected. While there’s a big risk in it being lost (even if in the car, that risk is mitigated), there is a lot of potential regardless with many eyes on companies such as WiTricity and uBeam. Devices will eventually charge like this and Scicorn Technology LTD is trying to get a jump on it.

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