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With the Tritium altimeter, all you’re missing is Tony Stark’s suit

Altimeters are crucial to successfully executing a skydive, second, of course, only to the parachute itself. For the most part, altimeters are gauges with nothing but numbers on them, something that could be a tad difficult for newcomers to make out while falling through the sky at 200mph.

Although safety supersedes looks, the Tritium altimeter is designed to be representative of both. The Tritium is a stunner, taking the looks of Tony Stark’s arc reactor and applying it to an altimeter. Instead of numbers, the product is outfitted with 16 super bright LEDs, each representing 1000ft. Depending on the altitude, the LEDs change color from green (>6000ft) to amber (4000-6000ft) to red (<4000ft), indicating when exactly to enjoy the dive, start tracking the landing point, and when to ultimately pull the parachute. Tritium works in altitudes up to 16,000ft, and lasts 10 hours on a single USB-enabled charge.

Although the company is looking to make an easier to read altimeter, no numbers on the device may present some problems to skydiving newbies. The company behind the £110 (~$164) Tritium, AO2, is looking to ship the product in July 2015 provided its £66,000(~$98,100) campaign is met by April 25.

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