Wizabiz business cards alight and animate when placed on a smartphone screen

Business cards are a great tool to have when networking at conferences and other social business gatherings. Wizabiz offers an opportunity to make a rather memorable impression with a business card. The translucent smart cards sit on top of the user’s smartphone and with the help of an accompanying app light up with color, animation, a short video or basic illumination, depending on preference. Then the card can be slid off the phone and handed to the prospect or new contact. The user can also take advantage of NFC to track who has viewed their business card anywhere in the world.

Given the fact that the average person spends about 1.5 seconds looking at a business card, this seems like it may have some potential to attract attention for a longer period of time and perhaps make a more memorable impression. However, the fact that the card is translucent seems like it could cause problems with contact information being visible once handed to the prospect or contact. This campaign seeks to raise $75,000. For $195, backers get 250 cards with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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