Wobbly Baron chair keeps moving around to keep you on your toes

Is it a chair or a toy? The wobbly effect is reminiscent of the children’s toy Weebles, but this is designed with adults in mind. Since working at a computer can get pretty boring, Baron can add some fun to your workday in the form of a unique chair. The gray cushion on top gives a bit of posterior comfort to the white, translucent plastic body. The rounded base is filled with several liters of concrete.

While this makes for a great wobble effect, shipping this baby is going to cost some bucks. Also, it may not be the best type of chair for those who have back issues since it doesn’t offer back support, or for those with osteoporosis issues since it will take some time to get used to sitting on it without tumbling over. But it does seem like a fun piece of furniture to own for the young and young at heart. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by December 9, 2014. For $300, backers get one chair with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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