Wooden bow tie allows wearer to SwitchWood at a whim

SwitchWood fa60bbc5bb8261a01af011e10569c9a1_large[1]For men who enjoy setting trends while at fancy events, SwitchWood offers a unique bow tie. The knot portion is covered with eye-catching fabric (10 options) centered on a black connector that goes around the neck. The wooden wing sections are made of natural wood selected from sustainable sources. Its unstained, treated with linseed oil and easily attaches to the knot. There are other wooden ties out there, but perhaps the feature making SwitchWood the most unique is that the wings are interchangeable with the knots. There are 120 bow tie possibilities available. For $60, backers get one knot and a set of wooden wings with an expected delivery of June 2014.

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