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Wow Frame seeks to bring social media into the pictures

Once upon a time, digital picture frames were among the most popular consumer electronic devices. But mobile photo sharing has largely killed the category.

The Wow Frame is a digital picture frame that receives photo and video feeds from social networks and mobile devices. Its maker intends consumers to buy multiple Wow frames and place them next to one another on their walls. Users would be able to share free or “premium” HD photos and videos with other Wow owners as part of an accompanying service.

A companion mobile app for unspecified operating systems is also planned. While a shipment time frame and future pricing aren’t provided. Indiegogo backers who pledge at least $1,000 have been offered a Wow Frame with one year of free HD service. Its maker hopes to raise $300,000 by July 8.

There have been just too many other digital picture frames, including Oko, to expect much demand for the Wow Frame. The concept of using multiple digital frames on a wall offers potentially interesting applications, but it’s not clear how much demand there is for such a concept.

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