Wrap turns desks into dry-erase surfaces for lateral thinking

Our workspaces are chock full of all kinds of clutter which doesn’t do much to help inspire us to be creative. This is most likely the case at home as much as it is at work as well, but no one is saying that it has to be like that. Inventor Brandon Saw is questioning our use of space, urging us to reconsider what it can do for us with his product Wrap.

The product is a removable flexible film with an adhesive backing that can attach to pretty much anything without damaging what’s underneath. When applied, it makes any surface dry-erasable, multiplying the space available to brainstorm, doodle, take notes, or do whatever else without wasting tons of paper in the form of scrap paper and sticky notes in the process. The product also features air channels that transforms the process of getting rid of air bubbles from a chore to a delight.

Wrap is an extremely simple idea that makes a lot of sense. With many large and successful companies instituting dry-erase boards as canvasses for creativity, it’s only right to reclaim the space we have so we can be similarly expressive. Custom cut Wrap can be purchased for $29, while a package of custom cut Wrap along with markers and erasers is going for $44. The campaign is looking for $40,000 for manufacturing.

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