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YERKA transforms bikes into their own locks sans Transformers sound effects

It doesn’t matter how much precaution a cyclist takes when locking up their bike; just one slip-up can result in a missing ride. With millions of bikes stolen every single year, there are a multitude of options available for keeping bikes out of the hands of thieves. However, most of these solutions are heavy and ungainly to carry around.

The team behind YERKA is doing away with the need to use a standalone solution by making the bike itself its own lock. The collapsible YERKA frame works by securing the frame’s bottom halves with the bike’s seat on any pole or fence up to eight inches long. A user can also use an iOS or Android companion app to remotely lock and unlock YERKA via Bluetooth. Made from the same type of hardened steel found in Kryptonite locks , YERKA is incredibly hard to break. Even if a thief were to impossibly break through the hardened steel, the bike would remain safe as the locked position would prevent anyone from riding it anyhow. An included anti-theft nut protects the bike’s wheels as well. Interested backers can purchase just the frame for $199, or an entire bike outfitted with YERKA for $429. If successful, the $50,000 campaign with an April 18 end date is looking at an estimated ship date of October 2015.

YERKA is an innovative idea that sits in very good company. Products like Quick Caps or Skylock also offer novel solutions to the problem of bike security. Ultimately, the real question when it comes to bike safety is which solution a user prefers as opposed to a lack of options.

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