Zen Bloodhound Golf Putter follows the golfers with the cash

Zen Bloodhound Golf Putter f68dc5b3bf1a8711bc1b691723c2af1c_large[1]Is it a movie aiming to be a blockbuster or a piece of sporting equipment? The dramatic but uninformative video on the campaign page leaves the viewer wondering. Nevertheless, Zen Bloodhound Golf Putter has been turned loose to sniff out just exactly how to build a better putter. And for £1000, it ought to not only hold the ball, but come with a homing device that fetches the ball and resets it on the green when you miss your par, too! The excuse for the pricey practice hole is that the technology is taken from the Bloodhound SCC 1000 mph car. Of course! 1000mph, £1000, flawless logic. Those who enjoy that kind of status among fellow golfers won’t see the putter arrive with any significant speed, though. Expected delivery is June 2014.

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