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Zone DPMX wearable power meter keeps your cycling in the zone

There comes a team in every competitive cyclist’s career when they realize they’re not getting better despite putting in more and miles. The problem usually lies in a lack of power, something a good deal of focused training based on performance data can help with. The problem really lies in how clunky most bike computers can be, forcing cyclists to constantly switch them out to other bikes. In short, they just aren’t as seamless as they should be.

Enter the Zone DPMX, the world’s first wearable power meter for cyclists. Designed by Brim Brothers LTD, the power meter is made up of two parts: a transmitter that sits atop the left cleat and measures cadence (RPM), and a custom-designed pedal that locks into the bottom of the left cleat and measures force (watts). Together, the Zone DPMX calculates the amount of power generated and multiplies it by two to get an estimated total for both the left and the right foot.

It then sends this information to a standard ANT+ bike computer for later review so that cyclists can achieve the improvements they want by chasing greater power in every rotation. A Zone DPMX goes for $440 while a set of two for both feet are $880. Brim Brothers LTD is looking to have these products on doorsteps by May 2016 provided its $113,000 campaign is successful by March 12th, 2016.

While the recently launched Camille is another, easily transferable bike computer, it focuses more on using GPS to track distance alongside speed and altitude. The Zone DPMX doesn’t generate this kind of information, but then again it doesn’t really need to, either. It’s designed specifically to facilitate improvement of those cycling at high levels — and that’s a fertile niche.

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