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Jungle Bowl helps you tame picky eaters

Some kids can be really picky eaters. Some will eat anything they happen to find sitting around, whether it’s a food item or not. But for the parents of picky eaters, life can be a challenge, especially when it comes to trying to get kids to try new foods that are actually healthy. Jungle Bowl is offering a concept that seems to be borrowed from the “Happy Meal” idea.

If little Johnny or Suzie eats their food—as opposed to dumping it out, throwing it on the floor, or feeding it to Fido—then they get a toy. The toy shows up in a window at the bottom of the bowl. When enough food has been eaten so that the toy is visible, the parent can open the two part gadget and let the child have the toy. The product is touted as being designed in such a way that a child would not be able to open it without the help of a parent. It seems like an interesting idea worth checking into.

This campaign seeks to raise $40,000 by March 18. Early bird backers get one product for $23 with an expected delivery of September of this year.

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