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Chew your way to a healthier bod with this connected Spün

editors-choiceBecoming healthier need not be an exercise in extreme dieting, crazy weight loss supplements, and obsessive exercise despite what many people mistakenly think. While a dash of exercise a few times a week will definitely help, the biggest key to better health is simply eating better. And as it turns out, eating better is probably the hardest thing to consistently do well for most.

Manually keeping on top of everything eaten throughout the day is usually what turns most people off to the benefits of doing so. Spün, the connected calorie counting utensils, automatically does all the heavy lifting to leave users alone with their delicious meals. Spün works with its companion app to identify food being through a picture of the plate taken by the user. The app then communicates with Spün to keep track of both how much and how fast the meal is being eaten.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Proacmom smart baby bottle delivers push-button heating

The problem with baby bottles is that it can be really hard to get the milk inside them to reach the perfect temperature for babies and to then stay at that perfect temperature for very long. That’s especially the case while traveling.

Proacmom is a smart, rechargeable baby bottle designed to solve that problem. It heats milk in the bottle with just the push of a button, then warms and promises to hold the milk temperature for hours. Proacmom features an LCD thermometer strip that gauges the milk’s temperature, enabling feeding to be done at an optimum temperature. Its double wall insulating layer reduces thermal loss and retains heat, so frequent reheating isn’t needed. Included are a detachable lithium-ion battery and control unit, and Proacmom can be charged using a Micro USB mobile charger, car charger or PC.

Connected Objects Nutrition/Hydration

Nourish health shake fabricator mixes your personalized wellness potion at the touch of a button

The Keurig pod coffee maker has become a cultural touchstone for choice and convenience that hasn’t been lost on crowdfunders. Alas, products dispensing helpings of caffeine, sugary soda or booze don’t tend to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Nourish has applied the idea of customized countertop concoctions to the protein supplement market. The device, which features a full display touchscreen front, accommodates 16 pods/”seeds’ that dock into the top of the device and which are surrounded by disco-like rings of light when being tapped. The seeds contain multiple nutrients that Nourish can  combine to produce a mixture that is optimized to one’s nutritional needs as determined by an app-driven assessment. There’s also a companion Apple Watch app to check in and remind when it’s time to guzzle down more nutrients.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Jungle Bowl helps you tame picky eaters

Some kids can be really picky eaters. Some will eat anything they happen to find sitting around, whether it’s a food item or not. But for the parents of picky eaters, life can be a challenge, especially when it comes to trying to get kids to try new foods that are actually healthy. Jungle Bowl is offering a concept that seems to be borrowed from the “Happy Meal” idea.

If little Johnny or Suzie eats their food—as opposed to dumping it out, throwing it on the floor, or feeding it to Fido—then they get a toy. The toy shows up in a window at the bottom of the bowl. When enough food has been eaten so that the toy is visible, the parent can open the two part gadget and let the child have the toy. The product is touted as being designed in such a way that a child would not be able to open it without the help of a parent. It seems like an interesting idea worth checking into.

This campaign seeks to raise $40,000 by March 18. Early bird backers get one product for $23 with an expected delivery of September of this year.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Milk Nanny lets you make baby’s formula from your mobile device

Most new parents find themselves worrying about whether their baby is growing properly and getting the right nutrition. The “well baby visits” to the doctor often help to calm these concerns, but for those in between times, Milk Nanny can help to fill in some gaps.

The baby formula making machine mixes baby formula perfectly and dispenses it into the bottle at the press of a button. It also offers a mobile app that will allow formula to be made right from the user’s mobile device. There is an interesting long-term plan for this product to offer what they are calling “Hospital in a Cloud” that can offer professional medical advice to new parents for monitoring baby’s growth and health. Hopefully, that cloud will have some sort of security fire-wall to help prevent hacking and illegitimate access to medical records.

Nevertheless, seems like an interesting product that is worth watching develop. Backers might also like to check out Moozi formula pod and NapTime. This campaign seeks to raise $100,000 in funding. Backers get one product for $199 with an expected deliver of May 2015.

Health and Wellness

Remix lets you enjoy your shake without cup-cleaning hassle

Staying hydrated during exercise is one of the best ways to keep one’s energy level up and eliminate impurities. And those who are fitness enthusiasts often like to include protein drinks and supplements to their diet. But cleaning a water bottle or shaker bottle can be a real hassle, especially when on the road.

So Remix is offering a single-use alternative. It’s made of recyclable plastic, so the 20oz cup doesn’t have to be washed, which makes it convenient when traveling. Remix comes with a lid, strainer and cap for easy mixing of ingredients and blending via shaking.Options are available to backers who would like to have their company logo placed on the bottle.

While Remix is an interesting idea, many people would opt for a more reusable option. Disposable is so last year. Interested backers may also want to check out Go-Shake, Square, TRIMR, and Cirkul. This campaign seeks to raise $78,000 by February 11, 2015. For $13, backers get one pack of 26 cups with an expected delivery of June 2015.


Find-A-Scoop seeks missing powder measuring mechanisms

Powdered products can be a great help in the kitchen when cooking, or for those who enjoy their protein and fruit drinks. But digging out a scoop that has sunk to the bottom of a canister makes for an inconvenient mess that can cause some waste.

So Find-A-Scoop was designed to put a stop to having to dig around both small and large containers. The BPA-free, dishwasher safe product has three features: a no-slip finger grip, a slatted power-draining dipper, and an extended reach handle. The mini scoop is ¼” deep, and the full size scoop is 1″ deep.

The product seems like it would be easy enough to use, but a slatted cooking spoon might do the job just as well. Backers interested in healthy-lifestyle items might also like to check out Made, Armadillo Colander,  Go-Shake, Fab, and Rotissa-Fry. This campaign seeks to raise $35,000 by February 11, 2015. For $10, backers get one full and mini size scoop with an expected delivery of October 2015.

Camping Nutrition/Hydration

Portable cooler carrier cradles hydration across rough terrain

Providing water for outdoor activities often means that a spot needs to be found where one can place the water cooler where it won’t fall over. Portable Water Cooler Carrier makes it easier to have water on hand, whether the location has a smooth or rough terrain. This isn’t going to save a great deal on plastic bottles and paper cups unless everyone remembers to bring their own travel mug or water bottle. And if one is bringing a water cooler on a camping trip, that is some extreme camping. Nevertheless, backers can get two products for $125 with an expected delivery of July 2015.

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Wellscale connects with your smartphone for a portable food scale that’s weigh out there

The Premise. Eating healthily is difficult. Going out for meals is especially hard because portions have gotten out of control in the US. Counting calories and pouring over nutrition books is hard to do and completely inconvenient for those on the go. Food scales are a nice solution, but can really only be used at home. 

The Product. Wellscale is a small portable smart scale that lets you weight what you’re eating discretely. It connects to an iOS and Android friendly app that allows you to track your foods, weight and general nutrition. The app comes with a built-in advisor that can look at your food intake and make suggestions to cut down on certain items. The scale itself is so small that it can fit into your pocket.

The Pitch. The campaign video features the lovely Portuguese creator talking about his product. He shows how the scale can sit below a plate and measure each food item’s nutrition during a meal. A kitten also shows up, eating food off of the scale so that the viewer can see how sensitive the scale is as it changes while the cat eats. Wellscale hopes to raise $37,000 in a  month-long Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. Early healthy birds can get the Wellscale for $65 or $85 at a regular price. Tiers climb from there offering bundles of the product all the way up to $7,650. All tiers have an estimated delivery date of December 2014.

The Potential. Nutrition and health is always on our minds. Whether we do anything about it depends a lot on convenience and connectivity. Wellscale is quite similar to the Smart Food Scale that had a successful Kickstarter campaign a year ago. While the two are comparable in capabilities, the Wellscale app is also Android friendly which the Smart Food Scale lacked. In addition, it’s much smaller and portable which really sets it apart. Again, convenience is hard to pass up and its portability gives it a great chance of success on the market.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Sleevely uses Bluetooth to bracket baby’s bottle binging

The Premise. Babies aren’t the best communicators. Parents can get a general idea of a baby’s mood, but beyond that, the reasons for that mood are hard to come by. Any insight a parent can have to stop the crying and fussing is extremely welcome.

The Product. Sleevely is a device that goes around a baby bottle and solves one of the mysteries of parenthood: has the baby eaten? By monitoring the amount of milk or formula in the bottle and when the contents are consumed, Sleevely reports to its app how much a child has eaten or if they’ve eaten at all. That data is all recorded so that parents can monitor their baby’s feeding throughout the day whether they’re at home, work, or anywhere else. With the correct data input to the app, Sleevely can even notify parents when a baby’s meal is going bad and needs to be replaced.

The Pitch. Inventors and cousins Ike Ofner and Dan Gilai have a lot of fun in their introductory video, and it’s hard to not to smile as the product is explained whether viewers are parents or not. For those that want to know the how more than the why, the campaign information discusses which bottles are compatible, how the Sleevely transmits information using Bluetooth, and how the patent pending sensors detect the amount of fluid in the bottle.Sleevely needs $85,000 to move from prototype to production.

The Perks. A Sleevely will set backers back $29, and parents-to-be can look forward to this product’s due date in December. Blue and pink variants are available at $39, Sleevely can be personalized with a baby’s name at $49, and a bodysuit is added in at the $60 level.  A baby shower gift package that also includes a compatible bottle starts at $70. All perks beside the basic white model should arrive January 2015.

The Potential. At first glance, it’s hard to see what the market would be for a beer (formula?) koozie for a baby bottle, but once the app is brought into the picture, the Sleevely is a very attractive, affordable option for parents. Raising infants is an imprecise art that requires extreme care, so any product that can help take the guesswork out of the process is highly appreciated. It’s hard not to like the Sleevely or the people behind it, and the parenting market will probably eat the product up. Though the prototype is iOS-focused, future Android compatibility due by the product’s launch will be a welcome addition.