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HidrateMe smart water bottle glows when you need more hydration

Water is essential to life, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of how much you’ve had, how much you need, and when to drink more.

The HidrateMe bottle uses a sensor and Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app about how much water to drink and when to drink it. The company’s CEO, identified as Nadya, explains that the team put together the initial Arduino prototype in less than three days. The product has come a long way since then, though, and now includes a refined sculptured look as well as a ripple near the spout.


Aquatiser water bottle juices fruit too, provides delicious non-boring water

Water is an essential part of staying healthy, but most people don’t drink enough of it. Some simply forget, while others prefer less boring beverages like sodas or juices.

Aquatiser provides a way to drink water with a kick. This glass water bottle has an extra compartment at the bottom for fresh fruit. The user simply places the fruit in the bottom and then the juicer attachment unlocks the fruit’s flavor. Fruit can also easily be placed in the main part of the bottle if the user desires. This bottle comes in pink and green.

This stylish water bottle, while well-designed, seems a little unnecessary. The campaign isn’t very convincing in explaining why backers need this water bottle as opposed to any other regular water bottle. Still, those who want to own an Aquatiser can donate £15 (~$22) for either color with delivery in February. That is, if the product can reach its £15,000 (~$22,500) goal on Kickstarter.


Fred Water Flask holds water flat; fits just about anywhere

Girls who hate purses and guys who don’t carry a briefcase must depend on pockets for everything they need. However, water bottles won’t fit in pockets, so some are missing out on getting their recommended amount of water each day. That’s where the Fred Water Flask comes in. This particular water bottle is made of 100% stainless steel, which means it’s food-grade safe and BPA-free. With a height, width and depth of 5.8 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches, this flat flask is more transportable than any water bottle that is round, square or even rectangular because it fits better in a pocket.

It may also fit well in a purse, briefcase, book bag or gym bag, although it likely will need to be refilled frequently in order for a person to actually drink those 32 ounces of water per day that are recommended for optimal health. Other water bottle options that backers might want to check out include Aqualight, Trimr, Intlishake, and for those concerned about pet hydration, there is K9. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by December 31, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $19 with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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Goldilocks-approved Moozi Formula Pod serves up infant nutrition at the right temperature

Newborn babies are both a joy and a pain in the tuccus. For those who have chosen not to breastfeed their children, formula is the only alternative. However, it can be difficult to get the bottle to the right temperature so as not to burn your baby. Moozi is like a Keurig machine, but for baby bottles. Fill the reusable pods with formula and push go. Not only will this machine make a formula bottle for you, but it will also get that formula to the perfect temperature for your little bundle of joy.

Moozi joins several other similar products, like the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. Moozi takes the bottle-making machine to the next level from the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker with a sleek design and, more importantly, reusable pods so that parents aren’t stuck with a limited formula selection. Backers can enjoy the Moozi with a bunch of reusable pods for $150 with an estimated delivery date of May 2015. This bottle maker is looking to raise $50,000 with the help of Kickstarter.

Food and Beverage

Vini wine topper measures PH, temperature to check if wine is fine

Corked and sealed wine lasts forever. However, as soon as it’s unsealed, it begins to go bad. The only way to tell if it’s bad is to taste it. While it’s not as bad as spoiled milk, that sour taste can still put one off of wine entirely for the night.

Vini never wants a bad bottle of wine to be tasted ever again. This digital monitor tests wine to figure out if it’s still good to drink. Looking like a meat thermometer, place Vini in the wine and push the button. First, it’ll display the wine’s temperature. With another tap of the button, it will show its pH level. To the layman, this information may not mean much, but Vini comes with a chart to help interpret the data. In addition, Vini is a bottle stopper, so it serves more than just to taste wine for you.

For wine enthusiasts, Vini is an extremely useful device. This product certainly has potential in the market because those who love wine, really love wine and will do anything for the perfect glass. Backers can have their own for $40 CAD (~$35 USD) for delivery in July 2015. Vini is looking to raise $40,000 CAD (~$35,000 USD)  on Kickstarter.


Square bottle tries cornering market on versatile water bottles

Drinking the right amount of water every day is the first defense against illness. But many people don’t like the chemical flavor often associated with tap water. The Square water bottle offers a built-in filter so that drinking water wherever one happens to be is more palatable, though it’s not clearly indicated how frequently the filter should be replaced.  The bottle that unscrews on both ends for easy cleaning is square so that it won’t roll away. In addition, it’s made of BPA-free plastic so that water always tastes fresh.

A supplementary infusion chamber can be filled with fresh fruits for natural fruit flavored water, or can be inserted with bloom infusion pods filled with dried fruits for extra deliciousness. Add water and have natural fruit flavored water without the preparation. Each pod last for several refills though a specific number isn’t stated. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by December 12, 2014. For $15, backers get one Square water bottle with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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Perfect Baby Bottle Maker brings the coffee pod concept to formula

For parents with newborn babies, quick and efficient bottle making is a must. Screaming babies are like a bomb that has gone off and a delicious, warm bottle is the only way to assuage them. However, making a formula bottle isn’t so easy to do quickly. Scooping, mixing and getting the temperature right can make for a lengthy preparation period while your baby screams and screams.

The Perfect Baby Bottle Maker aims to solve this very problem. Picture a Keurig machine, but for a younger crowd. Powdered formula is held in sealed cups. When ready, place these cups in the capsule and hit start. Perfect Baby Bottle Maker will mix the formula for you right into the bottle and will do so at a perfect 98.6°F temperature. This machine gives you several size options and features a filter for the water to pass through to ensure clean water. In addition, each capsule’s formula is first passed through a UV light to eliminate the possibility of bacteria. One will cost parents $85 on Kickstarter. This product has a campaign goal of $15,000.

When looking at this product, one thinks that it’s an amazing solution for moms and dads. Parents who have their hands full, literally, with their baby will rejoice at the convenience of the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. However, this isn’t the first of its kind. The Baby Brezza operates in a similar manner, but has a large chamber for formula and doesn’t use the individual capsules. While this is certainly more convenient, this model goes for about twice the price of the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. All in all, this product is innovative, easy to use and fairly cost-effective for new parents.


LiveWell Water Filter eliminates contaminants, adds flavor in one gulp

The Premise. Reusable water bottles have become all the rage completely annihilating plastic bottles (or so we hope). Those who remain loyal to plastic do so mainly because they feel that the taste of the water is more pure. Some use filtered water in reusable bottles, but not all have access to it. Especially for those in third-world countries, water contamination is a serious threat.

The Product. The LiveWell Water Filter is a system that freshens your water just before you drink it. The bottle is filled with water and then topped with filter attachment, tablet holder and spigot. Each tablet has a different flavor (mango, pineapple coconut, apple cranberry or blueberry pomegranate) and is packed with vitamins and electrolytes. Simply screw on the cap and attachments for clean water as you drink.

The Pitch. LiveWell Water Filter would do well to add a video to their campaign. However, they do a good job of explaining what their product does and have a fun graphic showing each part of the bottle they offer. In addition, the creators have lofty goals of offering tablets in the future that will radically improve sight, skin, muscle recovery, immune function, endurance and assist in managing weight. LiveWell also provides detailed nutritional facts for each table it currently offers. This multi-faceted bottle hopes to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter.

The Perks. For only $15, backers can enjoy this bottle that comes with a seven-pack of flavor tablets as well as a three month supply of filters. Higher tiers offer different tablet flavors, more bottles, more filters, and even custom design of the bottles. Estimated delivery is currently set at an ambitious October 2014.

The Potential. Water bottles with built-in filters are definitely available to consumers. Brita offers such a product and boast BPA plastic and dishwasher safe bottles. The LiveWell Water Filter system doesn’t mention either of these features, but does offer flavor. While everyone may not want their water to be flavored, it’s a safe bet that one can just forgo adding the table to have pure filtered water on-the-go. 

Food and Beverage Health and Wellness

Podlife Shaker serves up pods to help your bod

The Premise. Many believe that one key to optimal workouts is nourishing your body with the correct supplements. With proper nutrition, your muscles are better able to bulk up the way you want them to. You also avoid the dangers of becoming undernourished or dehydrated.

The Product. Taking a cue from popular single-cup coggee brewers, Podlife offers several different supplemental powders featuring different flavors such as Whey Protein in Chocolate & Vanilla, Thermogenic Fat Burning Whey Protein, Pre-Workout in Tropical Pine, Nootropics Pod, and SuperGreens: 100% Vegan Superfood. With the 300ml Podlife Shaker, health nuts can keep a pod safe in the bottom of their bottles and then simply push down to release the powder into the water and shake to mix it up. The Podlife Shaker looks like a simple, clear water bottle with black trim. It comes apart and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Pitch. This Australian-made product’s video shows Podlife being used by beefy Aussies in the gym. The rest of the campaign talks about the products, shows the different pods being sold as well as pods that are slated for manufacturing in the future. Podlife is also donating 30 grams of rice to Rice for Cambodia for each pod sold. The podophiles hopes to raise $55,000 USD in a  45-day Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For $38, backers can enjoy the Podlife Shaker and a box set of 12 assorted pods. Higher reward tiers offer lots of bulk packages of pods and shakers alike. All tiers include free shipping to the US and Australia.

The Potential. People seem to love anything that combines health with convenience. Other bottles like the PROMiXX offer safe supplement storage, but don’t come in conveniently portioned out pods. PROMiXX, however, doesn’t rely on shaking, but has its own agitating device to make mixing easier. Based on the success of Keurig machines that offer coffee, tea and iced tea beverages, Podlife could have strong appeal to gym rats to keep themselves supplemented up before and after exercising, but of course one key will be making it easy and affordable to get the pods.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Sleevely uses Bluetooth to bracket baby’s bottle binging

The Premise. Babies aren’t the best communicators. Parents can get a general idea of a baby’s mood, but beyond that, the reasons for that mood are hard to come by. Any insight a parent can have to stop the crying and fussing is extremely welcome.

The Product. Sleevely is a device that goes around a baby bottle and solves one of the mysteries of parenthood: has the baby eaten? By monitoring the amount of milk or formula in the bottle and when the contents are consumed, Sleevely reports to its app how much a child has eaten or if they’ve eaten at all. That data is all recorded so that parents can monitor their baby’s feeding throughout the day whether they’re at home, work, or anywhere else. With the correct data input to the app, Sleevely can even notify parents when a baby’s meal is going bad and needs to be replaced.

The Pitch. Inventors and cousins Ike Ofner and Dan Gilai have a lot of fun in their introductory video, and it’s hard to not to smile as the product is explained whether viewers are parents or not. For those that want to know the how more than the why, the campaign information discusses which bottles are compatible, how the Sleevely transmits information using Bluetooth, and how the patent pending sensors detect the amount of fluid in the bottle.Sleevely needs $85,000 to move from prototype to production.

The Perks. A Sleevely will set backers back $29, and parents-to-be can look forward to this product’s due date in December. Blue and pink variants are available at $39, Sleevely can be personalized with a baby’s name at $49, and a bodysuit is added in at the $60 level.  A baby shower gift package that also includes a compatible bottle starts at $70. All perks beside the basic white model should arrive January 2015.

The Potential. At first glance, it’s hard to see what the market would be for a beer (formula?) koozie for a baby bottle, but once the app is brought into the picture, the Sleevely is a very attractive, affordable option for parents. Raising infants is an imprecise art that requires extreme care, so any product that can help take the guesswork out of the process is highly appreciated. It’s hard not to like the Sleevely or the people behind it, and the parenting market will probably eat the product up. Though the prototype is iOS-focused, future Android compatibility due by the product’s launch will be a welcome addition.