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Vini wine topper measures PH, temperature to check if wine is fine

Corked and sealed wine lasts forever. However, as soon as it’s unsealed, it begins to go bad. The only way to tell if it’s bad is to taste it. While it’s not as bad as spoiled milk, that sour taste can still put one off of wine entirely for the night.

Vini never wants a bad bottle of wine to be tasted ever again. This digital monitor tests wine to figure out if it’s still good to drink. Looking like a meat thermometer, place Vini in the wine and push the button. First, it’ll display the wine’s temperature. With another tap of the button, it will show its pH level. To the layman, this information may not mean much, but Vini comes with a chart to help interpret the data. In addition, Vini is a bottle stopper, so it serves more than just to taste wine for you.

For wine enthusiasts, Vini is an extremely useful device. This product certainly has potential in the market because those who love wine, really love wine and will do anything for the perfect glass. Backers can have their own for $40 CAD (~$35 USD) for delivery in July 2015. Vini is looking to raise $40,000 CAD (~$35,000 USD)  on Kickstarter.

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