GeoBunnies cuddle with kids, teach them math at the same time

Math is important for little kids to learn, but not always the most interesting topic. Kids need to be engaged in sneaky ways in order for them to learn important facts.

GeoBunnies makes it fun for children to learn some important math basics. These plush toys are made from velboa fabric and look like bunny rabbits, but come in three different shapes. There’s a pink hexagon, a blue pentagon, and a green triangle. Each has a formula embroidered into its back for how to find the area of that specific shape.

It’s a little unclear which age group these toys are made for. On the one hand, the toys are cute and definitely more for a younger set. On the other, the formulas they provide are a bit more complicated and maybe more appropriate for middle school-aged kids. Still, the intention is noble in trying to get kids to learn math the “fun” way. For one of their own, backers must donate $16 for delivery in October 2015. GeoBunnies is hoping to raise $9,900 in funding on Kickstarter.

Health and Wellness Kids/Babies

UviCube emits rays to zap badness from baby bottles

Concerns about how to keep baby happy and healthy are on the forefront of any good parent’s mind. Cold and flu season can heighten that concern. UviCube was created to help keep baby’s bottles and eating utensils free of germs, and the UV rays it emits are touted as also working to kill 99.9 percent of germs on mobiles, remotes, and other items that are handled on a daily basis.

If one has a child that has special health issues, this product might help to bring some extra peace of mind. For all others, the dishwasher will be fine to sterilize bottles and eating utensils because of the temperature of the hot water. Or there’s always the old fashioned way of putting bottles, rings and nipples in a pot of boiling water to sterilize them. Other items can be wiped down with anti-bacterial sprays. Interested backers might also like to check out Phillup and WetHeadsThis campaign seeks to raise $25,000 by March 23,2015. Early bird backers get one product for $199 with an expected delivery of June 2015.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Goldilocks-approved Moozi Formula Pod serves up infant nutrition at the right temperature

Newborn babies are both a joy and a pain in the tuccus. For those who have chosen not to breastfeed their children, formula is the only alternative. However, it can be difficult to get the bottle to the right temperature so as not to burn your baby. Moozi is like a Keurig machine, but for baby bottles. Fill the reusable pods with formula and push go. Not only will this machine make a formula bottle for you, but it will also get that formula to the perfect temperature for your little bundle of joy.

Moozi joins several other similar products, like the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. Moozi takes the bottle-making machine to the next level from the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker with a sleek design and, more importantly, reusable pods so that parents aren’t stuck with a limited formula selection. Backers can enjoy the Moozi with a bunch of reusable pods for $150 with an estimated delivery date of May 2015. This bottle maker is looking to raise $50,000 with the help of Kickstarter.

Food and Beverage Kids/Babies

Perfect Baby Bottle Maker brings the coffee pod concept to formula

For parents with newborn babies, quick and efficient bottle making is a must. Screaming babies are like a bomb that has gone off and a delicious, warm bottle is the only way to assuage them. However, making a formula bottle isn’t so easy to do quickly. Scooping, mixing and getting the temperature right can make for a lengthy preparation period while your baby screams and screams.

The Perfect Baby Bottle Maker aims to solve this very problem. Picture a Keurig machine, but for a younger crowd. Powdered formula is held in sealed cups. When ready, place these cups in the capsule and hit start. Perfect Baby Bottle Maker will mix the formula for you right into the bottle and will do so at a perfect 98.6°F temperature. This machine gives you several size options and features a filter for the water to pass through to ensure clean water. In addition, each capsule’s formula is first passed through a UV light to eliminate the possibility of bacteria. One will cost parents $85 on Kickstarter. This product has a campaign goal of $15,000.

When looking at this product, one thinks that it’s an amazing solution for moms and dads. Parents who have their hands full, literally, with their baby will rejoice at the convenience of the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. However, this isn’t the first of its kind. The Baby Brezza operates in a similar manner, but has a large chamber for formula and doesn’t use the individual capsules. While this is certainly more convenient, this model goes for about twice the price of the Perfect Baby Bottle Maker. All in all, this product is innovative, easy to use and fairly cost-effective for new parents.


Quix baby bottle makes parents twist, quiets baby’s shout

The Premise. Powdered baby formula and being mobile just don’t go together very well. Of course, there’s always the premade canned stuff that’s far more expensive. Leave it to prolific parents to come up with a much more workable solution for busy parents and baby caregivers.

The Product. The Quix baby bottle claims to reduce stress and mess by offering a baby bottle that keeps powder and water separate until the demand to blend arises. The two components are stored in one convenient baby bottle container, but are separated by a closed valve. Before rushing out the door with baby, powder goes in the bottom portion, water in the top portion, and ring, nipple and plastic cover seal the top. Then when you’re on location and baby decides that it’s time to eat, mom, dad, or perhaps a helpful sibling opens the valve, shakes, and baby gets the easily digestible version of bone apatite. Aaah, hear that? Peace and quiet for all involved.

The Pitch. The cost of a music license is likely all that kept the old 1961 Twist and Shout song written by Bill Medley and Bert Berns  out of the campaign vid/eo. Maybe some major company will pick up on that if this product makes it out of the crowdfunding stage. Anyway, thiere is nothing quixotic about the Quix. In fact, it’s so user friendly that, uh, yes, a child could do it. So, a great deal of detail really wasn’t needed to explain this product to viewers.

The Perks. There are 11 tiers from which backers may choose. For $25, backers get one Quix baby bottle and a guarantee of radically reduced crying…until it’s time to change the diaper anyway. Expected delivery for Quix is October 2014.

The Potential. As new parents are tirelessly reminded, breastfeeding is best, but there’s still a huge market for baby formula. The Quix seems to uniquely solve a problem common to many parents of babies, a group that’s always looking for a little extra help wherever they can find it.