Connected Objects Nutrition/Hydration

Trago tops off your water bottle with ultrasound smarts

Water water everywhere nor but a drop to drink is an unenviable situation as the ancient mariner learned. Fortunately, many of us have much easier access to hydration, often in a vessel toted around to enable adequate hydration. Bot it can be tricky to know what makes for adequate water intake.

Trago claims to kn0w. Billed as the world’s first smart water bottle (bottle lid really), it screws on to wide-mouth containers from the likes of Nalgene and Camelbak. Once so positioned, it uses ultrasound to gauge how much water is left in the bottle and communicates with an app to urge you to give your body that which plants crave.

Connected Objects Nutrition/Hydration

HidrateMe smart water bottle glows when you need more hydration

Water is essential to life, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of how much you’ve had, how much you need, and when to drink more.

The HidrateMe bottle uses a sensor and Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app about how much water to drink and when to drink it. The company’s CEO, identified as Nadya, explains that the team put together the initial Arduino prototype in less than three days. The product has come a long way since then, though, and now includes a refined sculptured look as well as a ripple near the spout.

Cycling Nutrition/Hydration

BackBottle cuts you some slack, keeps hydration in reach

Quick and easy access to water or a sports drink is a must for any serious cyclist or triathlete. Understandably, hydration packs are extremely popular for this very reason. But because hydration packs can only hold so much liquid, riders are often forced to carry another bottle or two with them. This can be quite burdensome. And for serious riders who race competitively, awkwardly reaching for a bottle mid-ride may even result in a disqualification

The BackBottle addresses  all of these problems by offering 18oz of easy-to-reach hydration specially designed to neatly fit inside of a riding jersey’s back pocket. The BackBottle form factor is just big enough as to remain steadily in place no matter what kind of terrain a cyclist is riding over. This helps give riders who might otherwise worry about hydration packs flying off their bodies some much needed piece of mind. Between a hydration pack and the BackBottle, athletes can breath easy knowing that they wont need to make frustrating pit stops for water at nearby gas or support stations.

Unfortunately, most bike cages won’t support the BackBottle’s odd shape so some riders might opt for two bottles instead of one. A single BackBottle goes for $10, while four can be had for $30. The product’s estimated ship date is September 2015, provided the $7,777 campaign goal is met by April 3.

Kids/Babies Nutrition/Hydration

Milk Nanny lets you make baby’s formula from your mobile device

Most new parents find themselves worrying about whether their baby is growing properly and getting the right nutrition. The “well baby visits” to the doctor often help to calm these concerns, but for those in between times, Milk Nanny can help to fill in some gaps.

The baby formula making machine mixes baby formula perfectly and dispenses it into the bottle at the press of a button. It also offers a mobile app that will allow formula to be made right from the user’s mobile device. There is an interesting long-term plan for this product to offer what they are calling “Hospital in a Cloud” that can offer professional medical advice to new parents for monitoring baby’s growth and health. Hopefully, that cloud will have some sort of security fire-wall to help prevent hacking and illegitimate access to medical records.

Nevertheless, seems like an interesting product that is worth watching develop. Backers might also like to check out Moozi formula pod and NapTime. This campaign seeks to raise $100,000 in funding. Backers get one product for $199 with an expected deliver of May 2015.


Phillup color-coded kids cups cut down on waste

It’s amazing how a cup collection seems to grow in each child’s room like a massive weed, and how that seems to sprawl into many others rooms in the house. Phillup was created to help control the outrageous number of cups that get used by kids on a daily basis and cut down on the frequency of washing them.

The hangable kid cup consists of a cup with a loop that can be hung on a matching hook. The cups come in several colors, so they can be color-coded and each child assigned a color. Then they can just reuse their cup throughout the day when drinking water. The cups are also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

This does seem to offer a solution to a pretty common problem, though there is also the option of just buying plastic cups and writing each child’s name on it with a permanent marker. Backers with little ones might also like to check out WetHeads and Puggle. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one product for $8, with an expected delivery of May 2015.

Health and Wellness

Remix lets you enjoy your shake without cup-cleaning hassle

Staying hydrated during exercise is one of the best ways to keep one’s energy level up and eliminate impurities. And those who are fitness enthusiasts often like to include protein drinks and supplements to their diet. But cleaning a water bottle or shaker bottle can be a real hassle, especially when on the road.

So Remix is offering a single-use alternative. It’s made of recyclable plastic, so the 20oz cup doesn’t have to be washed, which makes it convenient when traveling. Remix comes with a lid, strainer and cap for easy mixing of ingredients and blending via shaking.Options are available to backers who would like to have their company logo placed on the bottle.

While Remix is an interesting idea, many people would opt for a more reusable option. Disposable is so last year. Interested backers may also want to check out Go-Shake, Square, TRIMR, and Cirkul. This campaign seeks to raise $78,000 by February 11, 2015. For $13, backers get one pack of 26 cups with an expected delivery of June 2015.


Find-A-Scoop seeks missing powder measuring mechanisms

Powdered products can be a great help in the kitchen when cooking, or for those who enjoy their protein and fruit drinks. But digging out a scoop that has sunk to the bottom of a canister makes for an inconvenient mess that can cause some waste.

So Find-A-Scoop was designed to put a stop to having to dig around both small and large containers. The BPA-free, dishwasher safe product has three features: a no-slip finger grip, a slatted power-draining dipper, and an extended reach handle. The mini scoop is ¼” deep, and the full size scoop is 1″ deep.

The product seems like it would be easy enough to use, but a slatted cooking spoon might do the job just as well. Backers interested in healthy-lifestyle items might also like to check out Made, Armadillo Colander,  Go-Shake, Fab, and Rotissa-Fry. This campaign seeks to raise $35,000 by February 11, 2015. For $10, backers get one full and mini size scoop with an expected delivery of October 2015.


Aquatiser water bottle juices fruit too, provides delicious non-boring water

Water is an essential part of staying healthy, but most people don’t drink enough of it. Some simply forget, while others prefer less boring beverages like sodas or juices.

Aquatiser provides a way to drink water with a kick. This glass water bottle has an extra compartment at the bottom for fresh fruit. The user simply places the fruit in the bottom and then the juicer attachment unlocks the fruit’s flavor. Fruit can also easily be placed in the main part of the bottle if the user desires. This bottle comes in pink and green.

This stylish water bottle, while well-designed, seems a little unnecessary. The campaign isn’t very convincing in explaining why backers need this water bottle as opposed to any other regular water bottle. Still, those who want to own an Aquatiser can donate £15 (~$22) for either color with delivery in February. That is, if the product can reach its £15,000 (~$22,500) goal on Kickstarter.


Fred Water Flask holds water flat; fits just about anywhere

Girls who hate purses and guys who don’t carry a briefcase must depend on pockets for everything they need. However, water bottles won’t fit in pockets, so some are missing out on getting their recommended amount of water each day. That’s where the Fred Water Flask comes in. This particular water bottle is made of 100% stainless steel, which means it’s food-grade safe and BPA-free. With a height, width and depth of 5.8 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches, this flat flask is more transportable than any water bottle that is round, square or even rectangular because it fits better in a pocket.

It may also fit well in a purse, briefcase, book bag or gym bag, although it likely will need to be refilled frequently in order for a person to actually drink those 32 ounces of water per day that are recommended for optimal health. Other water bottle options that backers might want to check out include Aqualight, Trimr, Intlishake, and for those concerned about pet hydration, there is K9. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by December 31, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $19 with an expected delivery of January 2015.

Home Smart Home

Sprinkl smart watering system keeps plants hydrated, saves money and water

Over-watering, under-watering and weather conditions can mean certain death for gardens, plants or crops anywhere. Most have sprinklers set to automatically water their lawns every night, whether it’s raining or not. These systems fail to take rain or lack thereof into account when hydrating plants.

Sprinkl is a smart watering system that does more than just spew water everywhere. First of all, it monitors the soil, checking hydration levels at all times. After that, it syncs up to weather forecasts. Simply input location and it’ll see what’s coming in the way of moisture. In addition, it takes into account local water conservation laws. Sometimes, a town or city will put a ban on lawn watering to make sure there’s enough water for everyone. Sprinkl makes sure that laws are followed, keeps the lawn hydrated, but won’t over-water in times of heavy rainfall.

Using Wi-Fi the sensor in the ground keeps the touchpad inside up to date on everything that’s going on. The screen displays date, time, temperature, soil level, past rainfall, next rainfall, watering schedule and zones. If different areas need different levels of moisture, the touchscreen makes that possible.

As far as smart sprinklers go, Sprinkl is a great one. With its myriad of options and ease of use, it’s completely versatile for any garden. For $299 backers can get one with one sensor by May 2015. Higher reward tiers offer more sensors for larger lawns and gardens. Sprinkl is hoping to raise $150,000 on Kickstarter.