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Cor becomes core to your health tracking efforts

Health-tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular. But there is one element of the equation that is typically missing from most of them: the ability to actually gauge what’s going on in the blood.

patent-claimedCor is a consumer blood analyzer that makes it fast and simple for people to get an in-depth understanding of what what’s going on inside the body at any time. Users just have to press the Cor Cartridge anywhere against their arm to get a blood sample. Unlike getting blood drawn at a doctor’s office, Cor uses a fine needle that takes a surface-level blood sample, so it’s faster and promises to be completely painless.

Health and Wellness

Remix lets you enjoy your shake without cup-cleaning hassle

Staying hydrated during exercise is one of the best ways to keep one’s energy level up and eliminate impurities. And those who are fitness enthusiasts often like to include protein drinks and supplements to their diet. But cleaning a water bottle or shaker bottle can be a real hassle, especially when on the road.

So Remix is offering a single-use alternative. It’s made of recyclable plastic, so the 20oz cup doesn’t have to be washed, which makes it convenient when traveling. Remix comes with a lid, strainer and cap for easy mixing of ingredients and blending via shaking.Options are available to backers who would like to have their company logo placed on the bottle.

While Remix is an interesting idea, many people would opt for a more reusable option. Disposable is so last year. Interested backers may also want to check out Go-Shake, Square, TRIMR, and Cirkul. This campaign seeks to raise $78,000 by February 11, 2015. For $13, backers get one pack of 26 cups with an expected delivery of June 2015.


MyBiody Balance sensor checks vitals, keeps you fit and healthy

Many connected fitness devices don’t provide health insights that go much beyond the number of steps being taken by the user and the number of calories burned.

MyBiody Balance from French company Biody Balance & Régime Connecté (BBRC) fully takes into account user data including age, weight, size and gender. It can be used by fitness enthusiasts, seniors, athletes, or any other consumers who would like a way to better monitor their health.

This portable device relies upon bioelectrical impedance (bio-impedance) analysis, a commonly used system of estimating body composition. The device performs an immediate body check-up when pressed against a user’s ankle, measuring and analyzing body composition accurately and in real time. In order to do this, it also takes into account muscle mass, hydration, fat mass, bone mineral content and excess weight. The data can easily be viewed on an intuitive dashboard available on smartphones, tablets and computers. The campaign seems to be missing from CrowdedRocket, but the product can still be checked out on the Web site.

MyBiody Balance may well be more accurate than many other wearable fitness devices on the market, such as SensoTRACK, Fitbit and Jawbone. However, MyBiody Balance lacks the wearable component of rival devices. Some consumers might see that as a benefit, but others, especially those who like to show off their latest tech gadgets, will see that as a drawback.  The latter camp may see this more as a medical instrument along the lines of a thermometer than an appealing new tech toy.

Health and Wellness

Cirkul Bottle filters water, mixes drinks to personalized taste

It’s true that variety is the spice of life. Especially where water bottles and beverages are concerned. Cirkul caters to both with its filter and flavor bottle system, as well as a water and filter reservoir for those times with just some fresh water is preferred. Flavor cartridges allow users to choose nearly any desired flavor and get the perfect mix according to personal taste each time. It’s also possible to start off with one flavor and finish with a completely different flavor.

There is not a clear indication as to how frequently the filter needs to be replaced in order for water to remain pure. It is hardly the first of its kind, though. Interested backers might want to check out the Square water bottle, which has a mechanism allowing for fresh fruit to be used for a natural fruit drink, in addition to filtering water. Other interesting water bottle campaigns include Aqualight and Trimr. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000. Early bird backers get one product for $23 with an expected delivery of May 2015.


FAB cuts cooking fat, lets you control taste

When people see or hear ‘reduced fat’, it often translates as reduced taste. FAB (Fat Absorber) reduces the fat in the skillet as the food is cooking and the fat is hot, and gives the user control of how much fat gets absorbed, impacting the taste of the food. The triangular device is made of FDA approved cotton that soaks up the fat and works with most any meat. FAB can absorb a whopping 20-25 grams of fat (equivalent to 150-200 calories), and works best when moved around in the skillet and dabbed on the meat to absorb excess fat. Another nice benefit to this is that it saves cleanup since there’s less fat left in the skillet. Once food is cooked, the item can be pitched in the trash.

In all of its eco-friendliness, too bad it’s not reusable. One will also really have to use this product in order to see if it really works, but the description sounds a little dicey. This campaign seeks to raise £45,000 (~$70,500). For £10 (~$16 USD), backers get two packs of 10 FABs and an expected delivery of March 2015.


Intlishake bottle lets you mix it up with a secret stash

The common quandry among healthy lifestyle enthusiasts about where to stash stuff while exercising is addressed again, this time with Intlishake. Remaining hydrated is important while working out, so why not create a water bottle that holds more than just water? This unique item has two dry storage compartments that are big enough to hold a mobile phone, small wallet, keys, and other small necessities that people often feel they need to take with them when they go to the gym or wherever their favorite exercise location happens to be. For those who like exercising at night, or perhaps before the sun is up, Aqualight can provided added safety, just like the Empowerment Bottle can.  Prefer flavored water? LiveWell Water Filter makes water cleaner and tastier. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 13, 2014. For $18, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.