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Get moving anywhere with the Move It connected exercise system

For most, one of the biggest roadblocks to developing a consistent exercise routine is simply finding a place to get sweaty. While a gym is an obvious answer, they can be crowded and/or expensive. Some choose to go at it at home instead, but that can quickly become limiting due to a lack of space.

The Move It portable, modular exercise system is designed to be a connected gym anywhere it is. It’s portable because it weighs a little under seven pounds and modular because its sturdy, sensor-equipped handles fit into each of the Move It’s four exercise tools: an ab wheel, a jump rope, push-up stand and resistance band. No matter the exercise, the product’s capacitive touch handles feature a six-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and infrared elements for proper alignment along with pressure and tension sensors, all to accurately distinguish different exercises and coach users through their routine and ensure proper form.


Intlishake bottle lets you mix it up with a secret stash

The common quandry among healthy lifestyle enthusiasts about where to stash stuff while exercising is addressed again, this time with Intlishake. Remaining hydrated is important while working out, so why not create a water bottle that holds more than just water? This unique item has two dry storage compartments that are big enough to hold a mobile phone, small wallet, keys, and other small necessities that people often feel they need to take with them when they go to the gym or wherever their favorite exercise location happens to be. For those who like exercising at night, or perhaps before the sun is up, Aqualight can provided added safety, just like the Empowerment Bottle can.  Prefer flavored water? LiveWell Water Filter makes water cleaner and tastier. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 13, 2014. For $18, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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Podlife Shaker serves up pods to help your bod

The Premise. Many believe that one key to optimal workouts is nourishing your body with the correct supplements. With proper nutrition, your muscles are better able to bulk up the way you want them to. You also avoid the dangers of becoming undernourished or dehydrated.

The Product. Taking a cue from popular single-cup coggee brewers, Podlife offers several different supplemental powders featuring different flavors such as Whey Protein in Chocolate & Vanilla, Thermogenic Fat Burning Whey Protein, Pre-Workout in Tropical Pine, Nootropics Pod, and SuperGreens: 100% Vegan Superfood. With the 300ml Podlife Shaker, health nuts can keep a pod safe in the bottom of their bottles and then simply push down to release the powder into the water and shake to mix it up. The Podlife Shaker looks like a simple, clear water bottle with black trim. It comes apart and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Pitch. This Australian-made product’s video shows Podlife being used by beefy Aussies in the gym. The rest of the campaign talks about the products, shows the different pods being sold as well as pods that are slated for manufacturing in the future. Podlife is also donating 30 grams of rice to Rice for Cambodia for each pod sold. The podophiles hopes to raise $55,000 USD in a  45-day Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For $38, backers can enjoy the Podlife Shaker and a box set of 12 assorted pods. Higher reward tiers offer lots of bulk packages of pods and shakers alike. All tiers include free shipping to the US and Australia.

The Potential. People seem to love anything that combines health with convenience. Other bottles like the PROMiXX offer safe supplement storage, but don’t come in conveniently portioned out pods. PROMiXX, however, doesn’t rely on shaking, but has its own agitating device to make mixing easier. Based on the success of Keurig machines that offer coffee, tea and iced tea beverages, Podlife could have strong appeal to gym rats to keep themselves supplemented up before and after exercising, but of course one key will be making it easy and affordable to get the pods.