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Get moving anywhere with the Move It connected exercise system

For most, one of the biggest roadblocks to developing a consistent exercise routine is simply finding a place to get sweaty. While a gym is an obvious answer, they can be crowded and/or expensive. Some choose to go at it at home instead, but that can quickly become limiting due to a lack of space.

The Move It portable, modular exercise system is designed to be a connected gym anywhere it is. It’s portable because it weighs a little under seven pounds and modular because its sturdy, sensor-equipped handles fit into each of the Move It’s four exercise tools: an ab wheel, a jump rope, push-up stand and resistance band. No matter the exercise, the product’s capacitive touch handles feature a six-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and infrared elements for proper alignment along with pressure and tension sensors, all to accurately distinguish different exercises and coach users through their routine and ensure proper form.

This data is sent to a companion smartphone app to either dish out instant feedback on reps and calories burned, to contribute to more than 30 trainer-created workouts, or connect with friends to congratulate them on their progress or challenge them outright. A battery that lasts for 1.5 weeks tops off this gym-in-a-box, with the Move It team hoping they can help more people better exercise over longer periods of time. Each Move It goes for $169 and is expected to ship in August 2016, with $30,000 needed to by May 13th to make it a reality.

While products like the Smart Rope, the Pitt Sportbelt, and BodyFly offer connected and/or alternative portable exercise experiences, the Move It does so in a way that hasn’t been seen. The idea of an all-in-one connected set of exercising tools is compelling for those lacking the motivation (which is to say, most people), and ultimately the Move It demonstrates people’s comfort level with tech. Not too sure if it’s the replacement for a personal trainer or even gym classes, though.

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